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Repairing & Customizing the Exterior of Your Building

Work with our company to create an updated façade that is sure to get your building noticed. At Varden Bros Roofing Co., our services extend beyond the roof of your residential or commercial property. For clients in the Albany, New York, area, our craftspeople are able to repair a variety of issues.

Siding Repair

Our Extensive Repair Services

Much of the work we do involves visible damage to the exterior of your building, including missing or hanging fixtures. As part of our repair services, we work on siding and brick work. Our team can even create customized copper works for your home or business, and we offer customer woodwork and molding.

Our craftspeople even have the ability to maintain the historic integrity of your home because we specialize in historic woodworking and molding. The work we do on the exterior of your building can turn back the hands of time and rejuvenate the look and feel of your home or storefront.